Here We Are Again

October 27, 2005     category: Et Voila

We've been blogging since the good old days, back when the "blogosphere" did not have a name, when there was a feeling of community about the whole effort, the media didn't know we existed, and "trolls" were only found under bridges or on Usenet.

Many things about blogging have changed since then, not very many of them good, in our opinion...after all, if you give a monkey a pencil, you'll still get nothing but the thoughts of a monkey. Or, y'know, random holes poked in the paper.

Yet the urge to fling one's thoughts out into the ether remains. Blogging is a sight more convenient than pen and paper, to those of us chained to our machines, and offers near-instant feedback. Write in a journal and you have to die before anyone sees it. It's kinda the rule.

Speaking of feedback, comments are TypePad moderated. Be rude at your own risk, as we might just publish your comment for the sheer joy of heaping scorn upon it.

Re: the name...just a domain we had lying around. Will there actually be facts? Maybe.


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