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November 04, 2005     category: Office Space

Every single server on the face of the planet has, at times, issues. And here's a little secret for you...they are almost always caused by the users on that server. Either through stupidity or ignorance or a particularly pathetic combination of both one user with a vestigial knowledge of perl, php, mysql, you name it, can bring a dual xeon hyperthreaded box the Mack truck of servers to it's cyber knees.

Were it not for the bloody users, we'd all be happy happy admins.

So, knowing the above, we really find it quite insulting not to mention irritating like that last DiCaprio movie that you the culpable users say things like, "You guys are great but this repeated trouble is causing me to worry". Worry, my dear banana? One of the longest running and most stable hosting companies on record, and you say this "third time in a month or so" is causing you worry? Out. Of. The. Boat.


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