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Believe in Something

November 02, 2005     category: Stare

In case you were not previously notified, one of our favorite authors is Kage Baker. Her Company series is some of the best sci-fi in production today. We recently finished the novella The Empress of Mars, and were slightly revolted to read the following in the postscript:

I distrust soldiers. I distrust nations, patriots and anyone willing to sacrifice human lives for a political theory.

Urk. We so hate learning anything personal about the performers paid to entertain us. It is invariably a huge disappointment. But the problem with arguing something like this, at least with the opinion-holdee, is the definitions are slippery.

Still, she vexed us into a headache.

Cerebral analgesic is had at the hands of one Spider Robinson, during our recent re-reading of Time Travelers Strictly Cash, specifically the loving ode to Robert Anson Heinlein, Rah, Rah, R.A.H.:

Patriotism does not mean that you think your country is perfect, or blameless, or even particularly likeable on balance; nor does it mean that you serve it blindly, go where it tells you and kill whom it tells you to kill. It means you are committed to keeping it alive and making it better, that you will do whatever seems necessary (up to and including dying) to protect it, whenever you, personally, perceive a mortal threat to it, military or otherwise.

Right on, mad hippie brother.


I'm liking this place more and more. I'm with you on the whole entertainers-speaking-their-mind thing. Many of my favorite musicians have managed to turn my stomach over the past several years. Believe what you will about Laura Ingaham, her book title SHUT UP AND SING just says it all for me.

Wayne Fielder   ·  November 2, 2005 10:01 PM

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