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The Stork Cometh

November 01, 2005     category: Technojoy

Today, we anxiously await the arrival of our new baby. No, no, not the homo sapien kind that particular side street was blocked off years ago, but rather fabrica imago, subclass D-70.

Yes, we know it either roolz or droolz, depending on your affiliation. Much like the war between Mac and Windoze users, everyone has a favorite...and so do we. IT IS strangely enough THE D-70. So kindly do not bother telling us how wrong we've gone, how our souls are blackened beyond redemption they are, but for other reasons, or how we have the taste and style of a pair of leprous wild boars.

We shall very much <3 our new baby hug it squeeze it call it George, and make sure it has all the toys it's widdle heart desires.


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