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Think before you type

November 15, 2005     category: Office Space

Resellers continue to be the bane of our existence. Observe this comment accompanying a new order today:

I supported one of my customers hosted by you so hope to receive continued good service.

Now, perhaps we're just grumpy today, but that really is simply insulting. The level of service you are provided does not depend on anything at all except these two facts; A) we know that customer service from hosting companies is a rare and precious thing, and B) we kind of want to stay in business.

Email, despite it's ease of use well, for SOME and quick delivery, is really the worst sort of communication tool. Nuance and tone-of-voice are completely lost, turning what might have been a completely innocent sort-of compliment into a whingy bleat that pierces our left frontal lobe with a white hot splinter of indignation.


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