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December 03, 2005     category: Stare

Of all the freakish products available out there in the wideworld, Klong is surely the most disturbing thing we've seen in the last, oh say, five minutes.


If it were not actually available for purchase on third party sites see above image link, we'd be certainsure this is nothing more than a really tasteless hoax. Take this "media advertisement" page, for example. On the left, little Elsie Murphy, age 8. She of the Freakishly Large Head and mysteriously missing shoe, exclaims the following about her beloved Klong:

Perhaps it's just us, but we find that whole progression a bit disturbing.

Also quoted is one Rex Roughtrade, age 80. He of the Photoshopped-on beard and curiously hunched shoulders proclaims his Klong-love with the following nuggets:

That's it. This is clearly some sort of psychological experiment being conducted on an unsupecting populace. For the love of god, someone please contact the authorities before we're all assimilated!!111!!11!

Link credit: Strange New Products

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OK this is weird...

*backs out slowly*

Bob Bobson   ·  January 10, 2006 10:13 AM

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