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Shoe Ink

March 14, 2006     category: Teh Cool

There was going to be a salutory post here on the ubër-coolness of these Tattooed Shoes:


<press blurb> A number of tattoo artists were brought on board to create the look of the new line; tattooist Dave Rhoades designed the collection of men's moccasin loafers pictured here. Rhoades' designs are actually hand etched into the leather and the shoes are then burnished with oils and tattoo inks to embellish the art. </press blurb>

However, the designer's nightmare of a Flash website pissed us off so badly that we leave it to you, our fine Factoid-ees, to find them on your own. We hear Fred Segal might carry them, but, let's face it...if they're just now figuring out that they need an ecom presence, they might not be your best choice.

Via Needled

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