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Geeky Goodness

March 24, 2006     category: Teh Cool

We love the tech humor, being teh geeks that we are. While not necessarily gamerz ourselves, we can nevertheless appreciate the timeless sentiment in "Frag the weak, hurdle the dead". That's an all-purpose sort of homily there, people.

Anyway, we're currently digging J!nx and manfully attempting to refrain from purchasing one of everything. Some of our faves:


Because, yes, pirates are way cooler. Also in a tshirt.


We'd like ours to say "now" instead of "please", however. Totally wearing this to the childrens' next Family "Fun" Night. If ever an elementary school needed a big cup of STFU, it's that one. *chaos*

More l33t goodness:

Social Engineering Specialist Because there is no patch for human stupidity - Truer words never spoken.

Dog Shirt 0wn3ed - Oh the humiligration!

Baby Creeper Hello world! - It's only a matter of time before the little winkies are coding in the womb. "Junior, you rewrote mommy's dna again, put it baaaack."

FPS Poster Frag the weak, hurdle the dead - Sure, you'd have to be 13 to actually want to display this on your wall, but still, great sentiment.


"Children of the Cron" made me laugh, and I love the Sun Is Trying to Kill me one. But the girlie "I don't need Mario" one especially rocks.

Tanya   ·  March 25, 2006 11:39 AM

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