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March 14, 2006     category: Teh NOT Cool

A follow-up post to our Oct. 30 "drool" over the Deck LED backlit keyboard...

We bought one. Spending more than we've ever spent before on a piece of hardware that didn't actually make our computer go faster. We happily readjusted our typing style to account for it's very tightly packed, and somewhat rearranged keyboard. We loved the quiet snick of the keys. And that the LED had it's own "screensaver" and shut down when not in use.

Then the son-of-parents-who-were-not-married spacebar broke.

Oh, it didn't break all at once, no. First the spacebar simply refused to accept input unless hit multiple times. So, naturally, we took the key off to see if anything was stuck thereunder. There wasn't, but the tiny and fragile wire and plastic widget that is the means by which the key attaches frightened us. We carefully reattached it and decided to just deal with the irritation of having to multiple-strike for spaces since the keyboard was so &*^#%*@ expensive.

A day later we ordered the Saitek Eclipse to replace it:


Ugly, noisy, bulky...yet sturdy. And still backlit. Yay.


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