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Bytes #2

November 30, 2005    link     category: bytes     comments: 1

Still Christmas Shopping, are we?

Teleblaster 1.0 - Ok, it's a funkily shaped television, and it apparently can warp/weft the image any way you like... We just have one question. Can we watch frigging television on it?

Swedish FireSteel - Practicality aside, this just has an excessively cool name. It's a portable spark-maker, because you so often find yourself having to build a fire in the break room to reheat the coffee...? Ohh, this must be for those odd people who go out and deliberately sleep in the woods. Strange behavior...what do you call it? Lamping? No...camping! Freaks.

Tea Spoon - Part tea ball, part, er, spoon, this widget allows you to steep and stir your tea at the same time. Well, we think it's handy.

Modern Umbrella Stand - While our own home is an eclectic mix of contemporary and retro 50s, we experience an almost visceral reaction to sleek, modern shapes, which we wholly blame on our college graphic design professor.

Check out the rest of the 2modern site for more mod goodness.

Foto of the DayFoto of the day: motorcycle reflection

Bytes #1

November 18, 2005    link     category: bytes     comments: 0

Since this is the only kind of quickie we're likely to get today...

Sin City Theme Restaurant - Yes, we'd give actual money to schlep through the creeping horror that is Basin City, but only if we could LEAVE. And take Gail and Lucille with us. Rrowr.

IDT Plans Hellboy Cartoon - With no previous exposure to Hellboy, we thoroughly enjoyed 2004's feature film, and the sarcastic / jaded titular character. He spoke directly to the armor-clad not because we are emotionally vulnerable but because we were born in Hell that way demon in all of us.

We wholeheartedly approve of the inclusion of COLOR in household goods of late. Yes, all our kitchen appliances are black but that is hardly the point, now is it. Some of our favorites:

Typhoon's entire line of kitchen accessories.

Mobi Zipper Storage Bags

Chiasso's Pop Toaster

The entire line of FrancisFrancis! espresso machines

Go nuts, scare the neighbors.

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