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Tumble Not Thy Merlot

March 08, 2006    link     category: Eh?     comments: 0

Greetings and salutations! Who cares where we've been...on with the Factoiding!

What, in the name of tiny brown acorns, is THIS?


A wine TUMBLER? Have you people Lost It? The entire point of having a bowl-ish container floating atop an eensy stem is to prevent the heat of your hand from otherwise tainting the sublimity of the elixir of your choice, particularly vital in instances when imbibing those wines dictated by fashion or palate to be served chilled.

So, Reidel can't settle for simply charging a metric arseload for their glass of dubious appeal, they now have to further blaspheme by offering the Dixie cup of glassware as an "enhancement" to our imbibing enjoyment? I've nothing against Thunderbird there's a time and a place for Thunderbird but this is strictly screw-top territory people. Eschew, ESCHEW!!


November 15, 2005    link     category: Eh?     comments: 2

Mrs Factoids: "...and he has this Indian accent..."

Factoids Scion the Younger: "An Indian accident?"

Factoids Scion the Elder: "No, an Indian ACCENT. An Indian accident would be if you walked into a buffalo."


November 15, 2005    link     category: Eh?     comments: 0

Last e'en we dreamed our coffee filters were all too small for our beloved Hamilton Beach BrewStation. We're not sure if this indicates some obscure Freudian inadequacy or that we should quel horreur! be drinking less coffee. Either way, we don't like it.

Dessert as oracular device

November 06, 2005    link     category: Eh?     comments: 1

We wonder...is there any correllation between the number of couples who smash wedding cake into each others faces, and the divorce rate of said couples? We have a theory it indicates a fundamental lack of respect between the wed-ees, are curious if it is borne out by statistics. Or, you know, not.

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