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Crazy Love

March 11, 2006    link     category: Big Love  Eye Pixels     comments: 0

Despite our complete horror at the thought of watching Chloë Sevigny perform in anything whether she's sucking some greasy racist's crank or not, we shall be tuning in to the season premiere of Big Love on HBO this Sunday. It'll be interesting to see how far they actually try to distance themselves from the Mormons, despite official protestations to the contrary, and we have our very own recovering Mormon in-house to provide *coff* trenchant analysis.

Besides, we <3 The Paxton, especially when he's all noble and stuff.

Update - Well, they're definitely Jack Mormons, hence the "compound" and self-styled Prophet. The girl who works with the daughter, whose Dad is a state trooper...is anyone else thinking "sting"? We like the dynamics between the wives. It's nice to think that sort of thing could actually work, outside the strictures of "religion", that is.

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