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Recipes - Cajun Eggs

April 02, 2006    link     category: Fooood     comments: 4

This is a freeform recipe, which means vary the ingredients in the proportions most pleasing to your palate.

2 or 3 large eggs (depending on how hungry you are)
2 oz milk
One half red bell pepper, seeded and chopped in 1" pieces
One large slice of white onion, similarly chopped
One 1" thick slab of Velveeta cheese (yes, it has to be Velveeta)
Crystal hot sauce to taste (yes, it has to be Crystal hot sauce)
Pepper to taste

Crack the eggs into a small bowl and whisk together with the milk. Start your favorite saute pan on med-high heat, melt a dab of butter, then add the egg mixture. The little bit of milk is to give the eggs some fluff. Do NOT do this if you're making omelettes SIN!, but it can be quite spiffy in scrambled eggs.

I usually wait a bit to add the onions and the red bell pepper because I like them a bit al dente, so add the cheese first...chunk it with your fingers and toss it in for faster melting. If you're a fastidious nit, slicing it in chunks with your favorite knife is also acceptable...but seriously prissy.

Once the egg starts to think about becoming an omel meaning a solid mass starts to form under the runny bits, start hacking that thing up with your spatula and add in the onion and bell pepper. Once the cheese gets all melty, toss in your Crystal hot sauce to taste. I like some fire and twang so I usually take it up to a medium-loud shade of orange.

After everything is delightfully combined, scrape it all into a bowl, grind in fresh black pepper to your liking thanks to the Velveeta salt will be superfluous, and serve up with a mildly sweet toast or even tortilla chips. as you like.

Now do heed the notes above that yes, it has to be Velveeta, and yes, it has to be Crystal hot sauce. Trust us, we have tried this with cheddar, we have tried this with wing sauce we have NOT tried this with green bell peppers, and never will since they are pure evil from the 8th dimension, so don't bloody well ask us, and the only way it comes out nummy is as described above.

Be vewwy, vewwy careful with the Velveeta though...there is SO such as thing as too much cheese. *shudder*

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