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March 09, 2006    link     category: Technojoy     comments: 0

We, like Eddie Izzard, have technojoy Ctrl-P print, why won't you print, it's only one paragraph, and we have a keen sense of design, so natch we're going to be barmy over these little winkies:


Colorful smilies made tactile, Ridibundus smileys are artsy little cushions, declared by their creator to be "good for all children—one- to hundred-year-olds.". Alrighty then. And at only 570 rubles for the set, they're a bargain, a bargain for you.

Made in the shade

November 15, 2005    link     category: Technojoy     comments: 0

It is no small wonder that since the arrival of the new baby, we've spent the GNP of a miniscule country on appropriate accessories. The original package came with a handydandy plastic snap-on LCD monitor protector...which if you do not already have, walk NAY, RUN out and get one rightnow. But being the gadget geeks that we so vividly are, we saw this pretty and a spindly thread of drool escaped our trembling lips:


This lovely not only protects your delicate LCD screen from those unseemly face-prints, but also functions as a sunshade so you don't have to do the "lookit what I just shot, honeee...you know, despite the arc-welder-esque glare out here" dance with your long-suffering spousal unit.

They have a SNAP-ON version, as well, but being the point-and-shoot kind of shoppers that we are, we discovered this a wee smidge too late, so we'll give Señor Sticky a swing and see how he plays. If plunking down the scratch to buy this rhino in the first place didn't break us, twenty smackers to test out this baby shouldn't cause the rationing of the morning gruel to commence. We hope, anyway.

Spell with Flickr

November 07, 2005    link     category: Technojoy     comments: 0

Yes, we're idiots, yes we signed up for a Flickr account over the weekend due in small part to that honcho of the newest kid on the block telling us how much better it is over their own product. Nice one! ANYWAY. Here's this very nifty widget, Spell with Flickr.


Link credit: Neatorama

Straight Baggin'

November 04, 2005    link     category: Technojoy     comments: 1

Per the post below, all hands stand down. We've found the Canon 200DG gadget bag...


...which will suit our widdle NIkon just fine, won't it pumpkins.
Er, sorry.


November 03, 2005    link     category: Technojoy     comments: 1

After wresting the new baby from the clutches of the inordinately rule-bound delivery service yesterday, we have begun the search for an appropriate carrying case. Background data: the package we purchased included an inferior small-ish bag that wouldn't hold the thing sans-lens much less with accoutrements and a hard-case. The latter will be delightful for long-term storage but a tad pretentious at the little league game. Hence, the search.

Amazon yielded this beauty:


But, crime in Italy, we're not stalking wildebeest in the veldt, we're taking the occasional artsy fartsy composition piece, and tons of pictures of our kids, cats and that chocolate lump of stupidity currently masquerading as a Labrador Retriever. So, yes, $200 for a camera bag when you could have, oh say, a new lens instead is just not on.

Any recommendations? We're schlepping around several lenses at any given time, along with extra batteries/flash cards, so our needs are not large. Ideally, we'd like something that does not require unloading the entire bag to reach a single item, but realize that the words "useful" and "design" are rarely found in harmonic convergence.

Speaking of...we've run up a little gallery for the D70 pics, over here at Fabrica Imago

The Stork Cometh

November 01, 2005    link     category: Technojoy     comments: 0

Today, we anxiously await the arrival of our new baby. No, no, not the homo sapien kind that particular side street was blocked off years ago, but rather fabrica imago, subclass D-70.

Yes, we know it either roolz or droolz, depending on your affiliation. Much like the war between Mac and Windoze users, everyone has a favorite...and so do we. IT IS strangely enough THE D-70. So kindly do not bother telling us how wrong we've gone, how our souls are blackened beyond redemption they are, but for other reasons, or how we have the taste and style of a pair of leprous wild boars.

We shall very much <3 our new baby hug it squeeze it call it George, and make sure it has all the toys it's widdle heart desires.

Stick It

October 31, 2005    link     category: Technojoy     comments: 1

We are virtually certain we're the very last to know about the lovely little Stickies for Windoze, but we could give a flying 3/4 backwards twirl. Adhesive is deuced hard to remove from LCD screens, you know.

Kind of limits the prank options, but we suspect we'll survive the disappointment.

Yes, we bloody well know this sort of thing comes already packaged with a Mac, we just

E for Effort

October 28, 2005    link     category: Technojoy     comments: 1

As much as we despise sleazebag spammers, and indeed would not move a muscle towards the brake pedal should we find one in front of our speeding SUV, we do <3 the inventive names the little tykes sprinkle throughout our Junk folder:

Blissing O. Yemeni
Overwrite I. Ruffled
Aptitudes H. Monument
Glamor A. Archaism
Immoralities V. Papilla
Interchangeably P. Grammy
Buchwald P. Flit
Preshrunken V. Charwomen
Marion E. Askew
Denominating M. Jays

We're thinking of changing our name to Blissing X. Archaism. Has a nice ring, doesn't it?

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