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Der Bibliochaise

April 20, 2006    link     category: Teh Cool  Yet Unattainable     comments: 0

Forwarded to us just today by someone purporting to be our *friend* this lovely sets our hearts to pitter-pattering, despite it's hideously inappropriate shade of orangey-red:


Click through to the manufacturer's site at your peril, it features some truly spectacular mystery navigation, making items as difficult to find as binarily possible. One would think they were not interested in actually selling their Seat du Books.

Link credit: Gizmodo

Sp + I + Cy

April 13, 2006    link     category: Teh Cool  Yet Unattainable     comments: 0

We rly rly wish this site was bi-lingual or even tri- quad- quint-lingual!, as these salt/pepper shakers are almost too cool to be tolerated:


So, while we're sorry for posting a link to something cool yet unattainable because OF COURSE we can't freaking find it anywhere else we needed to share our pain.

Geeky Goodness

March 24, 2006    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 1

We love the tech humor, being teh geeks that we are. While not necessarily gamerz ourselves, we can nevertheless appreciate the timeless sentiment in "Frag the weak, hurdle the dead". That's an all-purpose sort of homily there, people.

Anyway, we're currently digging J!nx and manfully attempting to refrain from purchasing one of everything. Some of our faves:


Because, yes, pirates are way cooler. Also in a tshirt.


We'd like ours to say "now" instead of "please", however. Totally wearing this to the childrens' next Family "Fun" Night. If ever an elementary school needed a big cup of STFU, it's that one. *chaos*

More l33t goodness:

Social Engineering Specialist Because there is no patch for human stupidity - Truer words never spoken.

Dog Shirt 0wn3ed - Oh the humiligration!

Baby Creeper Hello world! - It's only a matter of time before the little winkies are coding in the womb. "Junior, you rewrote mommy's dna again, put it baaaack."

FPS Poster Frag the weak, hurdle the dead - Sure, you'd have to be 13 to actually want to display this on your wall, but still, great sentiment.

Shoe Ink

March 14, 2006    link     category: Teh Cool    

There was going to be a salutory post here on the ubër-coolness of these Tattooed Shoes:


<press blurb> A number of tattoo artists were brought on board to create the look of the new line; tattooist Dave Rhoades designed the collection of men's moccasin loafers pictured here. Rhoades' designs are actually hand etched into the leather and the shoes are then burnished with oils and tattoo inks to embellish the art. </press blurb>

However, the designer's nightmare of a Flash website pissed us off so badly that we leave it to you, our fine Factoid-ees, to find them on your own. We hear Fred Segal might carry them, but, let's face it...if they're just now figuring out that they need an ecom presence, they might not be your best choice.

Via Needled

R, Matey

March 08, 2006    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 1

Our affinity for all things piratey is already documented, so, natch, we're snapping up these funky Jolly Roger topsider/van-type footcoverings from the inspirationally-named Angry, Young and Poor.


While we haven't been angry, young or poor for some time now, we can still vividly remember how much it did not rock. Vive le passive-agressive dissension!

Belike and Lookee!

November 29, 2005    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 0

Oh yes, Mister Factoids is going to LOVE this:


Skull and crossbones hand towels...coolness that transcends such minor considerations as "decor" or "good taste". We'll take one of each, yes.

Link credit: design*sponge

Going Wireless

November 28, 2005    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 5

As intellectual sans pretention as we fancy ourselves to be, from time to time our lizard brains dig their claws into our forebrains and shriek SHINY at the top of their metaphorical lungs. With these lurvely solar-powered, install-anywhere tiles, NOW is such a time:


Make no mistake, the potential for serious embarrassment to your neighbors is infinite...note the Saturday Night Fever-esque color scheme available. Let's all avoid that, shall we, and go instead for a more Logan's Run sort of future-cool look scroll to the bottom. Think of the children, won't you?

Foto of the DayFoto of the day: bicycle parking

Ranting with Bob

November 18, 2005    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 1

As far as gimmicks go, it's pretty gimmicky, nevertheless, our favorite thing on the ENTIRE PLANET is Drinking With Bob.

Now we don't know if Bob actually drinks, but he certainly rants, and at the top of his Brooklyn-y / Bronx-y / some-borough-y lungs, and usually on a topic near and dear to our black, little hearts.

Factoids favorites:

Angelina Jolie. From where I'm standing, she doesn't like American kids!!!

Terrell Owens is an idiot, because of YOU!!!

Bono nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Oprah for President. We are a country of Morons!!!

A heavy post-rant sight to you, too, Bob.

Thanks to In-Sect for reminding us of Bob's existence.

Foto of the DayFoto of the day: white ibis


November 10, 2005    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 3

We are devout disciples of ├╝ber-chef Alton Brown, wholeheartedly subscribing to his two favorite mantras, "Organization shall set you free," and "Everything must multi-task." To that end, imagine our delight to clap eyes on this beauty in the Flax catalog is anyone else freaking DROWNING in catalogs right now?? yesterday:


So, as this shall function in our abode as an end-tably sort of thing, it will both hold your drink, and be large enough to read when you've had a few too many. Keen!

Drool Redux

November 05, 2005    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 2

We actually bought this one...


...instead of this one.

Not Flickr

November 01, 2005    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 1

For those of you, like we here at Factoids, who shall not be drawn in by the whole Flickr thing primarily because so many others feel it to be the shiznit we present the goodness that is BubbleShare. Slideshows, albums, drag and drop arranging, etc. etc. Go, shoo, play.

We'll definitely have to see what the new baby thinks of this.

Via Solution Watch


October 30, 2005    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 0

We are not a gamer, nor do we mod very much, but this Deck LED backlit keyboard is enough to make our mouth go dry and hands tremble ever so slightly...


We'll take one in Ice, please.

ThinkGeek has them for a bit less than the asking price of yon Deck site... I'm just sayin'.

But It's Cute Clutter

October 28, 2005    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 2

Desk crap, yes, I need MORE desk crap.


Via In-Sect

We Loves our Kitsch

October 28, 2005    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 0

New to us is this fantastic site: Uncrate

Our intrepid surfers have ferretted out the following gems:

Flip Flap Plant

Spud Trooper

Adult Big Wheel

We love sites that do all our surfing work for us.


October 27, 2005    link     category: Teh Cool     comments: 0

A knitted homage to Dawn of the Dead. Gimme some sugar, baby. Oh wait, wrong Dead.

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