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Der Bibliochaise

April 20, 2006    link     category: Teh Cool  Yet Unattainable     comments: 0

Forwarded to us just today by someone purporting to be our *friend* this lovely sets our hearts to pitter-pattering, despite it's hideously inappropriate shade of orangey-red:


Click through to the manufacturer's site at your peril, it features some truly spectacular mystery navigation, making items as difficult to find as binarily possible. One would think they were not interested in actually selling their Seat du Books.

Link credit: Gizmodo

Sp + I + Cy

April 13, 2006    link     category: Teh Cool  Yet Unattainable     comments: 0

We rly rly wish this site was bi-lingual or even tri- quad- quint-lingual!, as these salt/pepper shakers are almost too cool to be tolerated:


So, while we're sorry for posting a link to something cool yet unattainable because OF COURSE we can't freaking find it anywhere else we needed to share our pain.

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